Review: The Vigilante's Lover Volume #2 - Annie Winters and Tony West


Review: The Vigilante's Lover - #Volume 2 - Annie Winters and Tony West - January 2015

After finishing Book #1 and doing some research on Annie Winters, I discovered that she is a fan of the major cliffhangers and that after reading Book #1 I prepared myself for what the ending of Volume #2 would be like and I am glad that I had pre-warned myself as it did end in another cliffhanger.  Catching up from Volume #1 Jax and Mia are on the run and they have just escaped from the compound and met up with Jax's friends Sam and Collette. Collette has been instructed to drop Mia back at her home and for her to forget about what she has learned over the few days but of course Mia is falling for Jax and wants him, no matter what happens. Mia first heads home and takes a look around, was her aunt really part of this secret organisation as like Mia there is no record of her Aunt. That's when Mia notices the rug has moved and underneath it is a hatch , she opens the hatch and what does she find - guns and special agent materials. It seems to that she has a visitor by the name of Klaus - the friend Jax has been told is dead , but is Klaus really a goodie or has he turned to the dark side ? Will Mia be able to reach Jax in time as she steals a car and heads to find Collette and the others ? Is Mia ready to get her life turned upside down and be on the run with a fugitive ? Could Mia's parents have been part of the Vigilante group , when it's revealed how they died ?
Volume #2 of the Vigilante's Lover was another awesome read and if you are a fan of Spy stories with a erotic twist or two and some funky gadgets , then check out Volumes #1 and #2 of The Vigilante's Lover by Annie Winters and Tony West and readers, remember Volume #2 ends in just as big of a cliffie as book #1.



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