VBT# Complicated - M.M Koenig

Review: Complicated - Book #2 Secrets and Lies - M.M Koenig - July 2014

At the end of Book #1 Conflicted, we read as Mia and Ethan were at a standstill as they loved each other but in fact they were supposed to be enemies as Mia had been hired with the sole aspect of spying on Ethan and digging up dirt on his company , so that he would be exposed and go down and in return - she would be able to return back to the journalism world where she dreamed of being. While Ethan and Mia are trying so hard in book #2 to put their relationship into play, life is proving to make this very "complicated" as with Ethan's family involved with the Mafia - Mia keeps finding herself in the middle of all their illegal doings. Can Ethan keep Mia safe from this or will having her their by his side, cloud his judgement and put them both at risk ? If you are wanting a fast paced read, then this book isnt one of those as unlike Conflicted , this book contains a lot of plot and multiple tangents from more secrets, lies, pregnancies, action and adventure so the first half of the book is mainly a major lead up and then the second half is all wham, bang , goodbye. The other thing that annoyed me as I am an endings girl is that this book ended on a major cliffie , so readers if you aren't a cliffhanger sorta-girl , then you may want to wait for Book #3 to be released before you read Book #2. Unlike the first book , book #2 leaves readers with many twists and turns and a helluva lot of action in the second half and added with the cliffhanger, it makes me wonder how the author M.M Koenig is going to complete the series. I am looking forward to Book #3 and having all my questions answered.  So readers, if you are a romantic suspense fan - then you will love Complicated. Advise readers though, if you have not yet read Book #1 Conflicted - do so, before opening Complicated as readers you will be left feeling a bit confused and complicated.



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