VBT# The Vigilante's Lover - Annie Winters and Tony West

The Vigilante's Lover (The Vigilantes, #1) 

Review: The Vigilante's Lover - Book #1 Volume One - Annie Winters and Tony West - January 2015

First off this book started out really amazing as we are thrust into the world of letter writing between criminal Jax De Luca and Mia Morrow. For the past few months , since Mia has been back at her Aunt's house where she has been caring for her Aunt Bea - she has been recieving letters addressed to K aka Klaus. The letters come across as sexy erotica with a touch of BDSM but turns out that they are coded messages.  In this book, Jax finally escapes from prison and heads to the house which is in fact a safe house expecting Klaus but instead finds Mia who doesn't know Klaus and her story has been living with her Aunt in the house. Turns out that Jax is part of a secret organisation called Vigilante's and was once the highest ranking member until he was betrayed. Normally , he can get a read on anyone but for some reason there is nothing under the name of Mia Morrow - it's like she doesn't exist. Normally this means she is part of the "specials" but for Mia she doesn't know anything of this world or does she ? Has she been brainwashed to forget ? Can Jax get to the bottom of it and find out what happened to his best friend and partner in crime Klaus ? This book really got me hooked and I was so engrossed only to have it finished on me halfway through the story and it was like - stay tuned for Part #2 . I was like NOOOO as I honestly have a huge thing for endings, I don't mind if the book ends and you expect a sort-of cliffhanger but when it finishes halfway through the book without any indication - that annoys me. Therefore though this book was amazing , it is only going to get Four P's instead of Five , and readers I am now patiently well trying to wait for Volume #2.



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