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Running Interference

Review: Running Interference - Elley Arden - January 2015

Looking for a Sports romance to read this Summer season ? Are you a fan of the Crimson Romance books ? Running Interference has the perfect mixture of Sports and Romance as well as showing that when it comes down to the crunch, families are still important - no matter what happens and that sometimes what you can consider as family - can move outside of the boundaries of blood relatives.  Growing up Tanya fell in love with Cam , but with life happening they broke up and Cam went off to play with the big leagues in the Super Bowl and was also awarded an MVP award. Now back home to try and talk his mother into moving out of the neighbourhood and into something a bit more flashier, Cam arrives back to his hometown. The one thing that Cam didn't count on though is literally crashing into Tanya - his high school sweetheart.  Tanya is on her way to her father's gym and is about to discover that they may lose the gym since her father is behind in bills after giving his ex-wife a $30,000 loan. Seeing as he cares about Tanya and this gym was where he discovered his love of sports, he wants to help but of course Tanya's father is as stubborn as Tanya and won't give into accepting charity. As the story flows on, we see Cam stop by the high school where Tanya is the PE Teacher and sparks do fly between Tanya and Cam despite how much Tanya wants to deny it. As the two start to work together finally in order to raise and save the gym that they both love, they rekindle reluctantly at first their romance but what happens when it's time for Cam to resume his "normal" life ? Will he up and leave Tanya again or will they discover that he can't live without her ?
So if you are in the mood for a bit of Sports and alot of Contemporary Romance and getting down and dirty, then check out Running Interference by Elley Arden.


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