VBT# The Untouchables - J.J McAvoy

Review: The Untouchables - Book #2 Ruthless People Series - J.J McAvoy - January 2015

The Callahans are back with The Untouchables, this family is almost untouchable - they have everything planned and down to a T and they always follow their rules to ensure nothing goes wrong. Everything that this family does, they do for a reason - everything is planned even who they marry or are with. This was an amazing book that captured me from the very beginning and now I really want to read Book #1 of the series. This series as I discovered can be read out of order as you can catch the gist of what happened previously in earlier books throughout the story. In The Untouchables we meet each family member and their other halves. We have Liam and Melody who are the main characters in this book , Melody we discover is quite manipulative and has a hard side and does not care for the rules except her own and she is definitely not one to cross as she continually tries to kill her husband when they argue. This book focuses strongly on the discovery of where Melody came from and her mother Aviela DeRosa who wants Melody and the Callahan tribe killed. We have Neal and Olivia - Olivia plays a huge part in this book as her father is Senator Coleman and the Callahans have plans to get him into the presidental seat, also in this book Olivia officially becomes part of the family as she sets out revenge on those who raped her in college. In this book as well, it seems Olivia can be a bit of a troublemaker and gets under Liam's skin alot. Then we have Declan and Coraline - Coraline is like a mini-me Melody but with a softer side, in this book tragedy comes to Coraline and we wonder how the Callahans will cope with it when revealed. At the head of the family , we have Sedric and Evelyn - which as parents, they are patient and seem pretty relaxed. 
This was an action packed novel which contains torture, murder, sex, drugs and politics and shows readers the lengths that families will go to protect the ones they love and care about dearly.
 This is one book that everyone should have on their 2015 reading lists as you won't be disappointed.



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