Review: Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher

Review: Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher - April 2014

Have you ever read a book that has left you thinking "WOW" at the end and the whole novel just keeps replaying over and over again in your head ? A novel where you just want to scream and shout to the whole world, that they must read this book as it was that good. As I read a helluva lot of books , this doesn't happen that often - it takes a really good stand out book to wow me and Tarryn Fisher has done this with Mud Vein.  The other thing that makes this book really good is the fact that I hate reading books in the first person , it irritates me as I prefer to read the book as an observer and prefer third person normally. However, something made me continue to read this book and as I got more and more into the story I was captivated. The story takes place when Senna - she's an reclusive author who has lost hope in everything after tragedy struck her and Isaac Asterholder who is a Doctor , the pair of them wake up one morning to find themselves held captive in a house set in the middle of nowhere. Why are they here together and what's more they haven't spoken to each other in such a long time ? The readers are left wondering whether one of Senna's crazy writing fans has kidnapped them and that they are in their very own version of Stephen King's Misery or is there a reason that they are both in the same place at the same time ? As the story goes along and each day passes by, we catch glimpses at Senna's past life and how Isaac fits into it . Not wanting to give the story away as this is one book that you have to read yourself to fully appreciate what you have been given in the book. I will leave with the parting words, that once you open these pages of words written by Tarryn Fisher, you won't want to put them down until you have finished and turned the last page and readers even then the story will stay with you as an afterthought till the next time you read a thought-provoking hanging on title.



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