VBT#: Dare to Touch - Carly Phillips

Review: Dare to Touch - Book #5 Dare Series - Carly Phillips - January 2015

If you love sports novels as well as contemporary romances and family sagas with a bit of suspense chucked into the midst of it , then Carly Phillips's Dare Series has everything you need. I fell in love with this series after reading Book #1 and Book #5 Dare to Touch lives up to the expectation of the previous books in the series. This one focuses on one of the Dare sisters from the "first family" Olivia. It starts off with her birthday and of course , the one person she hoped would be there, missing it - her father. It then cuts to the male love interest Dylan Rhodes grabbing her and kissing her in front of everybody. It seems lately that all the "Dares" Children are in the mood for mixing business with pleasure and making the Miami Thunder business world - a true family affair as Dylan works also for the company. In this book we read as Olivia starts to open her heart to Dylan but of course she has reservations and what doesn't put them at ease is the fact that Dylan is cosy and friendly with his ex-girlfriend Megan who seems to always be needing Dylan's attention. Can Dylan prove to Olivia that she has nothing to worry about and that he loves her ? In Dare to Touch, we also catch more glimpses into Olivia's childhood as well as Dylan and notice a couple of similarities that are the root of holding them back, can they overcome their past issues in order to move on with the future ? Also when tragedy strikes and Olivia and Dylan find themselves in an awkward and dangerous position , their love will be tested - will it stand the tests of time or will we be left with the feeling of incompatibility ?
Find out in Book #5 "Dare to Touch" and readers, you will not be disappointed with this latest release by Carly Phillips.



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