Review: Wife Number Seven - Melissa Brown


Review: Wife Number Seven - Book #1 The Compound - Melissa Brown - July 2014

The other day I was in the mood for a gripping book, one that would have some grittiness to it. I have always loved reading about cults, polygamy type novels so I clicked through my kindle list and came upon Wife Number Seven. I opened it up and from the first page I was hooked and readers, I loved this book.  Wife Number Seven is told from Brinna's point of view - she is the seventh wife to her husband and the type of girl who is stubborn and not afraid to bend the rules a bit. She doesn't want to be the type of girl who only sleeps with her husband one day a week, the type who is forced to become pregnant and she wants a relationship with someone she really loves. While out on errands, Brinley runs into Porter Hammond - an ex-member of the community.  Interest sparks and the two become intimate , but can Brinley get up the courage to leave her husband and the life she has grown up believing is true. Can Brinley just become a first wife to someone she truly loves? During this novel , you will read about some nasty experiences of the church and what others will do to 'stay true" to the prophet's words. Can Brinley escape or will her plans be found out and Brinley punished before she can leave for good ?
Find out in Wife Number Seven by Melissa Brown, a book that should be in everyone's TBR piles and I am looking forward to whether or not the author will write anymore to do with this church community.
Fans of Fleur Beale's I am Not Esther and I am Rebecca series will love Wife Number Seven.



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