Wednesday, January 28, 2015

VBT# Pressure Point - Olivia Luck

Review: Pressure Point - The Point Series - Olivia Luck - January 2015

Pressure Point can be read as a stand-alone but for those who have read New Point which was the first title from Olivia Luck, will find Pressure Point an more enjoyable read as it takes us back six years prior from when Zoe first met Stella on her first day of College. Stella was the dorm floor RA and Zoe was beginning college where she was studying Library Science. This was also the first moment where Stella met Blake - Zoe's older brother.  Over the next four years Zoe and Stella were inseparable and though Stella had a crush on Blake , Zoe's friendship meant more to her so she stayed clear or tried to of him. We also learn that it wasn't only Stella keeping her difference but from Day #1 of their first meeting Blake too had been attracted to Stella but due to Zoe whom his whole life revolved around, he stayed clear.  What I really liked about Pressure Point was though it focused on Stella and Blake's relationship and their story - it gave the readers the lead up to the events that lead Zoe moving to New Point where she met Miles and tried to start her life fresh when the gunman enters the school library. During this time we see Zoe push Stella away and in doing so , she takes several steps back from Blake's life and they have a gap where they don't see each other . Zoe then gets back in contact with Stella and Stella ends up in a roundabout way working for Blake and so this unrequited relationship starts up again. Can Stella and Blake ever get their HEA or will life keeping throwing obstacles in their way, which will cause the other to never reveal their true feelings for one another ? What I loved about this book as I am a sucker for series crossovers, is that we got to revisit New Point and see Miles and Zoe's story from a different POV.
 Fans of New Point by Olivia Luck will enjoy Pressure Point and remember readers, this can be read as a stand-alone but personally I would advise to read New Point first to gain a better grasp on the story and characters.


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