Review: Inside Out - Lia Riley


Review: Inside Out - Book #3 Off the Map Series - Lia Riley - December 2014

One of the things I hate when it comes to the end of a series is that you have to say goodbye to your favourite characters, ones that you have come to love. I have to admit throughout this series I have been in two minds about Bran and Talia. Sometimes I love them to bits and other times I want to scream at them, especially Talia. In this book Talia has finally gone off to the Peace Corps in Africa and Bran is sailing around the world with his Antartica ship saving the ocean wildlife. The two are reunited when Talia falls into a coma after getting malaria. Bran comes back to America with Talia where she is confronted with the news that her dad is remarrying and him and his fiancee are expecting a new baby. As we know Talia has OCD and so this sets her off. During this time which is most of the novel, we read the back and forth banter of Talia and Bran - as Talia tries to push Bran away and Bran refuses to leave. This was one aspect I didn't like about the series , is that I found Talia was quite stubborn and her pushing away annoyed me as she wouldn't let him in, though she did know he cared. With three months left before Bran's visa expires, can he prove to Talia once and for all that she is his and that no matter what he will always love her.  In conclusion, I did like the various twists and turns of Inside Out and the ending finished and rounded the series very well with the new twist using a death tarot card.
If you are looking for an awesome, contempory and edgy New Adult series that spans the globe trotting into a few different continents around the world, then check out Lia Riley's Off the Map series.



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