Review: Vicious - Sara Shepard


Review: Vicious - Book #16 Pretty Little Liars Series - Sara Shepard - December 2014

Today is a sad moment, I have officially read the last EVER Pretty Little Liars book written by Sara Shepard. If their is one series in which I have enjoyed each and every book, It is the Pretty Little Liars series. Over the books we have read and seen each character grow, have family/relationship problems and somehow always end up in trouble as "A" hooks onto their lives and airs their dirty laundry for the world to know. I remember reading the first book and thinking this is pretty good and then reading at that stage the first four books , then it grew to eight and then eventually sixteen - who would have thought that the author could come up with new and exciting storylines for the four girls , but she did it and I loved every single page of this series in all sixteen of her books - though technically seventeen if you count Pretty Little Secrets. In this last book, the girls are heading on trial for the Murder of Alison DiLaurentis and it's not looking good for them all as the evidence is definitely not in their favour. The girls know though in their hearts that Alison is still alive and now in order to clear their names and finally be rid of Ali forever, they band together to of course uncover the truth- but things are never easy and simple with the girls and they definitely don't do things halfway either.  The girls set off to Cape May to find Ali, but tragedy strikes when one of the PLL doesn't return home - this causes a funeral and the girls to go on home-detention, ankle bracelets and all. The night before Aria escapes to Europe and decides on one last trip to be free of "A" and be in a country where no-one knows her , Spencer meets an ex-con who can help her get a new identity but will she be able to leave everything behind when she meets back up with Wren and Melissa and Darren Wilden gives two pieces of news - she's having a baby and they are getting married and Hanna - not wanting to leave Mike behind , the two of them decide to tie the knot before their happiness is ripped apart by the verdict. This leaves Emily - tragedy surfaces around Emily is most of the book  but as you get to the second to last chapter - you will discover the "real truth" about what happened and readers are left wondering what the girls will do now when the final verdict is read ? 
An awesome but sad conclusion to a great series and I am looking forward to reading her new series "The Perfectionists".



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