Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review: Broken Girl - Gretchen De La O

Broken Girl 

Review: Broken Girl - Gretchen De La O - April 2016

Life hasn't been easy for Rose since she was a little girl as she was molested by a friend's stepfather. Often when we read stories like this , we have an understanding about what road they will take and how they become so broken and damaged. For Rose Newton , her life took the road of becoming a prostitute - though she took the route of being her own woman and not having a pimp or someone supposedly looking out for her. One night while out with the girls , she witnesses a guy standing up for one of the new girls Crystal. She watches the interaction intently and he notices her briefly. Turns out that he is the manager of the local laundromat - Shane West. I have to admit at first it was weird seeing his name like this as all I could think about first was the actor Shane West and what happened to him as haven't seen him in any movies lately. Anyway, back to the story - Shane West has been noticing Rose when she comes in to do her laundry and is trying to get up the guts to ask her out. Rose doesn't do dates and it takes alot of persistence from Shane for Rose to agree for a meal which she does reluctantly as she views herself as the type of person that is never meant to fall in love. Love for people like her doesn't exist. What will happen though when she tries to keep her two lives separate as she starts to fall for Shane and vice versa ? What will happen when both of them come crashing down after the death of a close friend and it turns out that Shane is a very good friend of the family's ? I have to admit I did like how this book turned out and that after her world crashing down around her moment, the author didn't have Rose go back to Shane straightaway as often I hate reading books where it feels instantaneous as you are like "really, that wouldn't happen in real life" . One thing that did bother me a little in this book was the fact that the author only glanced over Mr. Chadwick's packages and to what was in them as was hoping we would get a bit more of a present glance into Mr.Chadwick's reasoning of still sending the packages. Other than that if you are in the mood for a Dark Romance, then check out Broken Girl by Gretchen De La O.

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