Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: NYPD Red 2 - James Patterson and Marshall Karp


Review: NYPD Red #2 - Book #2 NYPD Red Series - James Patterson and Marshall Karp - March 2014

Detective Zach Jordan and Detective Kylie MacDonald are back and this time they are on the hunt for a vigilante killer. Someone has been killing those who are not found guilty from trials, but deep down the people know they are guilty. These two have been called in to take over the investigation as the latest victim is high-profile and her family has a lot of money not only from her husband's side but also her own.  Zach and Kylie are part of an elite taskforce called NYPD Red which handles the cases that celebrities and high-powered suits are involved in which puts this latest case under their jurisdiction , but some of the cops especially the two that have been previously working the case aren't very happy about it and neither will be Captain Delia Cates if they don't find a suspect fast especially with the mayoral election coming up and the victim being connected to both sides of the election and its results. I do have to say one thing, when I was reading NYPD Red 2 - I couldn't help but think of the Captain as the Captain from Castle TV Show as they both had similar names.  We learn that the killer's first move was when they were in high school after one of the connected to the mob family members raped his sister. After a taste of power and justice, the pair moved on to bigger and badder criminals.  I have to admit I was a little cautious in starting this book as I found the first NYPD Red novel to be a tad slow for my liking, but I found that NYPD Red 2 redeemed the series for me. I did have a fair idea who the vigilante was, but I did like the twist at the end of the book when the identity was revealed as in a way everybody got justice served to them. In the game of death and law , there is no grey areas - it is strictly black and white and sometimes like life it's fair and other times it's definitely not fair but unfortunately we cannot make the rules as there are always dire consequences for those who believe they can.

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