Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: Private Sydney - James Patterson and Kathryn Fox

Private Sydney (Private #12)

Review: Private Sydney - Book #12 Private Series - James Patterson and Kathryn Fox - August 2015

As a big James Patterson fan, I always make it my goal to keep up to date with his numerous and wide amount of books and I often love reading some of his co-authors and certain series more than others. However, the last couple of James Patterson's books I read I wasn't too impressed with and struggled through them and I was hoping that Private Sydney wouldn't be like that as the co-author is a new one and I really enjoy the Private Series.  In Private Sydney, we are reunited with some of the cast from the Private Down Under book like Craig Gisto , Darlene, Mary and Johnny. We are also introduced to Colette who is the receptionist for Private in Sydney. The book starts out with a morning filled with mishaps from broken windows, to security systems being down and a possible breach of the Private's computer systems. It is a busy morning for the Private company as they also awake to two new cases on their desks . The first is a couple that are wanting to investigate a potential surrogate mother - though the details around the surrogacy seem a little suspect and the second is a favour that Jack Morgan - head of Private Firm has pulled in. The father of an old flame of his has gone missing and no-one can find him - Eric Moss CEO of Contigo Valley. Eric Moss is a businessman and seems to be a great one at that but strange circumstances have arisen as he has seemed to vanish into thin air and the deeper that Craig and his team search - the less they are finding on Eric Moss . It looks like someone has pulled a Bourne and erased his identity completely as there are no records of Eric Moss ever existing at all and in fact his daughter Erica Moss has no record of her birth. The surrogacy storyline will also play a big part in Private Sydney, especially when the "real' Louise Simpson turns up dead and a newborn goes missing.  As the book goes along, it seems that in Private Sydney a lot of things just don't add up and it looks like someone wants to claim the rights that they brought down Private Sydney as someone is sabotaging their every move.
If you are a James Patterson fan and looking for a new mystery to get stuck into , come check into the Private Sydney offices with the man himself James Patterson and new co-author Kathryn Fox.

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