Thursday, June 30, 2016

VBT# How to Disappear - Ann Redisch Stampler


How to Disappear 

Review: How to Disappear - Ann Redisch Stampler - June 2016

If you love teen suspense novels with assassins and on the run teens , then you will love How to Disappear and the amazing thing that surprised me to was that you get so engrossed into the book and with its fast-paced that you fly through the book even though it is over 400 pages long. Often with books this long, the story can get quite boring and repetitive or you start to feel daunted by the size of the book but not with How to Disappear. What got me, was the idea of this story as I have always been a big fan of the romantic suspense novels and witness protection stories like Ashley Elston's The Rules for Disappearing series. In How to Disappear , a girl called Connie has been killed and had her throat cut , Nicolette witnessed the crime occurring and overheard how she is next and so she does the only thing she can think of - she runs and tries to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. Jackson Manx has grown up with a name that is synonymous with crime and assassins as his father Art Manx was one of the best and now his brother Donny is sitting in Prison. His brother Don asks Jack for a favor, he must kill Nicolette before she talks otherwise it is their mother's life on the line.  For the sake of his mother, he reluctantly agrees as if she really killed Connie, then she deserves to pay. As the story goes along, Nicolette goes through a handful of IDs and Jack catches up with her. Though when Jack meets up with her, he starts to believe that the story is a lie as she is definitely not the killing sort of girl. He plans to make her disappear instead but what will happen when she discovers the truth of why he is really following and hanging around her and demands that the right thing must be done? 
Find out in How to Disappear by Ann Redisch Stampler, a fast-paced Mystery YA Thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seats as you fly through the pages.


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