VBT# Beyond the Rising Tides - Sarah Beard

At first , I thought this was going to be a surfing beach novel but ended up being more of a Paranormal Teen Romance with Heaven, Hell and the In-Betweens. Last summer there was an accident when Avery was out surfing , she managed to survive but the other person - Kai died that day. Ever since then Avery has been going through the motions of what she could have changed and questioning why she survived and he didn't . Also since that day , the Avery everybody else knew has disappeared as she is not the crazy and adventurous , risk taking Avery but a more cautious , indoors Avery. She hasn't been near the water since that accident. Kai has been living in the in-between as a healer for those whose time it isn't yet. His mentor has a ring that can cause him to be seen by humans when he needs to warn them about danger. Kai wants to save Avery from the guilt that has been eating away at her , and wants her to know it's not her fault. One day Kai steals the ring and appears to Avery. She can't quite place him and so begins a friendship and soon sparks fly, but what will happen when it's time for Kai to return the ring ? Can Kai be returned to life from death ? Something that has only ever happened once in a lifetime with the Grim Reaper's powers ? Can Kai save Avery from drowing in herself ?


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