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Pinpoint (Point, #4)

Review: Pinpoint - Book #4 The Point Series - Olivia Luck - June 2016

One of my favourite New Adult authors that I have come to enjoy is Olivia Luck with not only her stand-alone books but also her The Point series. For those who have read her previous books, you will see some familiar names.  Pinpoint carries on from Book #3 Point of No Return. In Point of No Return, we met Violet Harper whose husband Max - a firefighter had passed away and then she later met Cameron - the hockey player. We also caught a glimpse of her life growing up in the small-town of Winter under her father's strict rules and how she was disowned by her family. Now that we have Point of Return's basis covered , in Pinpoint we meet Violet's younger sister Iris Harper who like Violet has been living under her father's strict rules but now she too has moved out and been disowned. Iris has moved to the big city and is currently working with Violet and her event planning business. Her passion however lies with baking and cooking and Iris has picked up a few teaching classes at Mentoring Chicago. It is through the classes and her sister Violet, that she meets famous chef - Oscar. He is a hot/cold type of personality and as Iris hasn't had any experience with men, she is not sure where she stands.  On one of their first dates, she gives him her V card and then she wakes up the next day to him gone and a note. Feeling dejected and hurt, Iris tries to move on but of course Oscar can't stay away from her and can't show his true feelings. Can Oscar prove to Iris that he loves her or will it be too late as Iris can't bear to be hurt once again by someone she cares about? I really loved this story and I think a lot of it had to do with Iris's mentoring job as I have always hoped I could do something like that but where I live there isn't really any opportunities for that particular work.  Also for fans of Olivia Luck's previous books in The Point series - we do get to read guest appearances from Stella , Blake , Cam , Tucker , Felix and Dom also.
 If you are looking for a New Adult romance with a slight Edge and an eventual HEA then check out Pinpoint by Olivia Luck.


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