Tuesday, June 28, 2016

VBT# Taking Jana - Rissa Brahm

Taking Jana (Paradise South Book 2)

Review: Taking Jana - Book #2 Paradise South Series - Rissa Brahm - June 2016

Where do you go when you hit rock bottom ? For Jana , her rock bottom is working at the local strip club dancing on the pole. A place she had hoped that she would never ever see the inside of again after she left the first time.  Now with her dad needing heart surgery and her family's restaurant etc in jeopardy after her brother wasted all her parent's family on a useless education in which he dropped out of college. Jana has been pulled her to help support her family. This has come as a blow to Jana as she is finally working her way through her medical residency as she dreams of becoming a Doctor . The other person we meet is Antonio who is a limo driver and working for Jana's new boss as he drives her around. Are Antonio and Jana each other's saviours ? For me, personally I found this book quite hard going as I struggled with connecting to the characters and for me , I prefer my books to be quite fast-paced and Taking Jana was quite a slow read. Taking Jana is the sort of read where it shows that sometimes in order for life to start looking up and working out in your favour, you have to hit rock bottom as remember once you hit rock bottom you can't go down any further so the only way is back up.

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