VBT# All Access - Liberty Kontranowski

All Access  (The Fangirl Series, #1)

Review: All Access - Book #1 Fangirl Series - Liberty Kontranowski - June 2016

Imagine you are obsessed with a band member, a musician and you are a writer? What would you do? Would you base your characters on him/her? Would your story be a fan fiction of their lives? Now imagine what would happen if that band member contacted you after reading your book? 
That is what happened to Kallie after her divorce, she decided to write a romance book and use herself as muse for the female character Emily and her favourite artist Niles Russell as the inspiration behind the male lead Nash. Out of the blue, Kallie gets a text from NR aka Niles saying how he loved the book and wants to meet , she thinks it's her best friend Sara messing with her and playing a prank. What will happen when it turns out to be the "real" Niles Russell- her ultimate fan girl crush?  Kallie goes to visit him at his concert in Chicago and from there , the pair meet and are about as nervous as each other - I really liked that Liberty made them both act nervous as you would both be if you were in this situation and it made the meeting more realistic.  As the story goes along , this pair starts moving in the way that reminded me of the Tom Cruise/ Katie Holmes love story when Katie on Oprah admitted she used to have posters of Tom Cruise on her wall and she was his heartthrob to a real relationship. However, in order to make this relationship work the pair must learn to be completely honest with one another and not only open themselves to what the public sees and what they want to be seen but completely open and give each other and All Access pass to their lives as without honesty and truth - there can be no basis for a relationship.
If you are wanting a fan girl meets celebrity - a Cinderella story of sorts with a quirky romantic comedy spice to it, then get ready and grab your passes as you head into the realm of an "All Access" book by Liberty Kontranowski.


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