Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review: Strange Magic - Part #2 - Michelle Mankin

One of my favourite things that I adore about being a book review/blogger is that you get to meet some amazing authors along the way. The majority of authors whom you review books for will come and go, but there is a group of them who you will become closer to and you will develop a friendship with and for me one of those authors is Michelle Mankin. The other thing you get to have a sneak peek into is the origins of books and the stories and you get a little background on the research done for stories - like Michelle's amazing trip to New Orleans, Mardi Gras and catching a glimpse of the filming of NCIS: New Orleans. Reading her Strange Magic Part #1 and now Part #2 makes me want to visit New Orleans as it sounds amazing , the food, the music and the people and of course being a big fan of NCIS: New Orleans - how could I not love it. Back to the book at hand - in Part #1 we read as musician Billy Blade sang a concert and started his musical career , we read about Thyme and her boyfriend Shane getting caught up in a dangerous game which ended deadly and then disaster struck with Hurricane Katrina.  Now onto Part #2 - Strange Magic. It is ten years later and Billy Blade is still an amazing musician, he has returned back to New Orleans and in some places ,it still looks and sounds the same but in others affected by the Hurricane - it is a ghost town. Billy rents a small apartment which readers discover has connections to Thyme and her family. Billy learns briefly about how Thyme and her boyfriend Shane disappeared ten years ago and hasn't been seen since.  The thing is though that Billy has a gift, he can see the supernatural and mystical things around him and staring back at him with purple eyes - eyes he hasn't seen in ten years since he was last singing in New Orleans is Thyme Bellarose. Read as Billy discovers the truth about what happened that fateful night and then for those who love romance - as the chemistry sizzles and unfolds between the two in front of our eyes. 
I loved reading Strange Magic Part #2 as it refreshed not only my memory of characters from the first book but also had a Ghost Whisperer meets Being Human feel to the story.
 I am now looking forward to reading Strange Magic's sequel "Dream Magic".

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