Thursday, June 23, 2016

VBT# Hanging by A Thread - Jenna Sutton

Hanging by a Thread (Riley O'Brien & Co., #3)

Review: Hanging by A Thread - Book #3 Riley O'Brien and Co. Romance Series - Jenna Sutton - June 2016

Are you in the mood for a sweet romance ? One of those feel-good romances, that you know will end in a HEA no matter what the situation is ? Jenna Sutton's Riley O'Brien and Co. series fits that criteria as it focuses on the O'Brien Family who all work at their family business creating Denim Jeans that has been passed down through generations. Bebe Banerjee is the best friend of Tegan Priest who is the only true female O'Brien in the family. Bebe has been friends with the family forever and it seems that there is some unresoved issues and tension and not to mention chemistry sizzling away there with Cal O'Brien - one of Tegan's brothers. Bebe has a dilemna as since she is Indian, she has been talked into an arranged marriage with a guy whose family in India is considered wealthy and royalty. The thing is that they made this arrangement years ago in order to get their parents off both of their backs and now her Indian fiance wants them to set a date and has given Bebe an ultimatum - either pay back the money he gave her within 12 months or move back to India and marry him and he will forget the money.  Hoping that she can make him forget her , Bebe and Tegan come up with a plan to help her lose her "V Card". As yes, Bebe is still a virgin. Enter Cal , who has always had a thing for Bebe and despite their teasing and taunts at each other - she feels the same way. When Cal overhears the conversation, he thinks what better guy than him to help Bebe lose her virginity and of course since they detest each other , they can do it without falling in love - right ? Wrong , as we can all see which direction this is going to lead , they should have stopped at the idea but Cal and Bebe go at it. What happens though when the 12 months is nearly up ? Will Bebe stay with the man she has fallen in love with or will she marry her Indian fiance and what will Cal's reaction be when he learns about the arranged marriage ?
Find out in this sweet contemporary romance "Hanging by a Thread" by Jenna Sutton.

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