Thursday, June 23, 2016

VBT# If Your'e Gone - Brittany Goodwin

If You're Gone

Review: If You're Gone - Brittany Goodwin - June 2016

It's amazing how life can change in one single second, that's all it takes to throw everything off balance and a life into turmoil. It is all it takes to crumble someone seen as perfect and shatter their every existence . It is all it took for Lillian White to become a shell of herself and to push everyone she cared about away. On the night of his graduation, her boyfriend Brad Lee recieves some news and leaves after telling Lillian he loves her. The next morning she recieves a phone call from Brad's mum telling her that he didn't come home. When it doesn't show up she's a little worried as where could he be and then when she can't get him on his phone she starts to panic. Soon days pass , weeks pass and eventually months.  It will be five months before anyone hears the name Brad Lee again - as Lillian goes through the motions of losing someone she loves and cares about , not knowing where he is or whether he is dead or alive. As she digs deeper into Brad's life , she discovers that he has a few skeletons in his closet and they may lead to where he is . During this time , Lillian meets a guy called Chris who reminds her somewhat of Brad and the pair become close and even Lillian has the idea that maybe with Chris's help she can move on from Brad. What will happen though when Lillian discovers that Chris is hiding a secret and one that will once again shatter her whole world ? Overall I really loved this story , but what is stopping me from giving it a Highly Recommended and just the 5 stars is the fact that I felt the story line to be a little bit weak and that the reasoning behind Brad's disappearance could have been stronger and maybe if we had seen some of his POV during this story as well as hearing a bit more depth to Chris's side of things.

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