Thursday, June 23, 2016

VBT# From Fake to Forever - Jennifer Shirk

Sandra's husband has left her and moved on after he became a cheating celebrity , so now she is raising her daughter Hannah and on top of that trying to run a successful preschool alongside her sister and friends.  When Hollywood star Ben needs to A) clean up his act and B) gain experience with children for a new role , his publicist along with Sandra's sister Missy organise Ben to spend a couple of weeks at the Storybook Preschool. This starts off not so well for Ben as he kills the class pet and seems to be getting on Sandra's bad side as she seems to be the only one who isn't immune to his charms and wit, but we will soon discover as this is because though she likes him, she has a strong will and has made it her goal that he will not get under her skin. As the story goes along though, as readers we can see and guess which direction the book will take as Ben starts to spend more time with Sandra and her daughter Hannah. When the role is given to him , will he accept that the next stage of his life is here and that what he had with Sandra was just a fling or will he make a statement and huge gesture to show Sandra how much he cares for and that Hannah and her are now his number one priorities and not Hollywood. As I am a sucker for HEA's and romance stories and smalltown life, I loved From Fake to Forever as it really was just one of those fast-paced happy ever after type sweet romance tales.

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