Review: Sustained - Emma Chase

Sustained (The Legal Briefs, #2)

Review: Sustained - Book #2 The Legal Briefs Series - Emma Chase - August 2015

This particular book has been sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to crack it open and read for a while now and I am glad I finally got around to it as I loved it. I loved it so much that I went and brought Book #1 on Kindle and discovered that the library has got Book #3. I had always heard that Emma Chase was a fun author and great writer and after reading Sustained, I definitely have to agree as I loved this book. In Sustained we meet Jake Becker, who is your average playboy lawyer - who is cold in the courtroom, hot in bed and then cold - straight after the encounter. He is a man of many one-night stands. On one occasion though we discover that Jake has contracted a STD from one of his many stands - which throws having sex for two weeks out the window. During this time, a local Senator and his wife are killed in a car accident and the Senator's sister Chelsea has been given guardianship over his six children. When one of them runs into Jake and steals his wallet, Jake sees a young version of himself before the Judge got to mentoring him. After this interaction, Jake meets Chelsea and the pair connects and Jake feels something for her and eventually the whole family, which he has never felt before - a strong feeling of love and connection as he never really had that whole family dynamic before. What will happen though when Jake discovers he is falling too fast for Chelsea and starts to pull away and give her mixed signals? Will he lose her and the family for good? Is this one situation where he can't convince everyone she is better without him? 
Find out in this awesome book - Book #2 of the “Legal Briefs" series by Emma Chase.


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