Review: Into the Light - Aletha Romig


Into the Light (The Light, #1)

Review: Into the Light - Book #1 - The Light Series - Aleatha Romig - June 2016

Into the Light starts off with Sara Adams waking up in a hospital bed, in a small community where everyone calls each other brother/sister.  As we start to get into the story, we can discover that Sara is in a cult-like community which we later discover is called "The Light". She wakes up with no recollection of whom she is and where she is. It turns out that she is married to Brother Jacob Adams.  Now that Sara is awake, she must learn the correct ways of The Light and the rules that follow or otherwise she will be punished. Across the tracks, a journalist Stella Rosemont is doing a story on missing girls and looking for her friend Mindy - also a journalist who went missing. Stella is also dating Detective Dylan Richards and it seems he has his hands full with missing girls and dead bodies turning up. Into the Light is told from three perspectives - Sara, Stella and Jacob's. As the story goes along, we discover that Stella's case and the cult are connected as some of the names and identities start to match up and it gets the reader wondering whether Sara is in fact Stella's friend Mindy and also what the heck is going on ... . Into the Light was quite an intense story and only gets more intense as the chapters go along and OMG the ending chapter I had to read twice as it did answer some of my suspicions but it also ended on a major cliffhanger- so I was like noooooooooooo !! However, the way it ended now has me, waiting on the edge of my seat for Book #2 Away from the Dark which will be released in October.


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