Thursday, June 30, 2016

VBT# Elemental Secrets - Elle Middaugh

Elemental Secrets (The Essential Elements Book 1)

Review: Elemental Secrets - Book #1 Essential Elements Series - Elle Middaugh - February 2016

With no-one to look after her as her mother has passed away and since her dad is in the Navy, Valerie has been sent to live with her Aunt in a smalltown. A town which Valerie hasn't stepped foot in since she was younger and it seems a lot has changed for the people in the town and Valerie who is a lot older and more awkward than ever especially when it comes to reading and understanding people is in for a huge awakening. Turns out this smalltown is not your ordinary town - the town is filled with Elementals - each covering a different element. When Elementals turn a certain age, they can come into their powers and their elements and knowledge are passed through the family from one to another once they reach a certain age. For Valerie , of course all this is strange and she is about to discover that she is one of those elementals.  Her Aunt is a Nature Element which makes sense ,seeing as she is always gardening . For Valerie though as she learns, she has to be human since in order to make an Elemental heir - both parents have to have Elemental abilities and for Valerie - her dad is human. However, when strange occurences start to happen everything Valerie has ever known about her family is about to unravel as she is introduced to Grandparents she never knew she had , a history she was unaware of and questions that will make her doubt her on whether her dad is her real father or not ? I enjoy reading about the fantasy and the Elements part and in a way with the four elements made me think a little of the TV show Captain Planet which I loved as a child.  If you loved LJ Smith's book and the TV Series "The Secret Circle" then you will love Elle Middaugh's new series "Essential Elements" and Book #1 Elemental Secrets.


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