Friday, July 8, 2016

VBT# One Night in Tahoe - Kaira Rouda

Hope Falls: One Night in Tahoe

Review: One Night in Tahoe - Hope Falls Novella - Kaira Rouda - June 2016

Jack Thomas has always been one that hasn't got on well with the snow and mountains, he would prefer the surf, beaches and the hot warm sun which is why he finally decided to locate from his family hometown of Lake Tahoe to Laguna Beach. Though it seems that Jack's dad has other plans for him as he calls Jack telling him he needs help after an injury. Jack flies home to find out that his father is actually well and kicking and he has been set-up, but for what?
Sandy Davis is new at this Real Estate Business and has just been offered her first shot at a multi-million dollar listing which if this sells, the commission would be huge. It is the type of house that is every real estate's dream to list and as a newbie, this is an amazing opportunity. There must be a catch though? 
We soon discover that Sandy's mother was Jack's father's true love - the one that got away and now his father wants to make things right with Sandy in her mother's honor since she passed away a few years ago from Cancer.  Do Jack and Sandy have that same electric chemistry that their parents have?
Will this be a case of a blind date turned into something bigger or a recipe for disaster in the making?
Find out in this quick novella read by Kaira Rouda - part of the Hope Falls Kindle World Series.

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