Friday, July 8, 2016

VBT# Seared on my Soul - Cole Gibsen

Seared on My Soul 

Review: Seared on my Soul - Cole Gibsen - June 2016

In 2015, we meet Ashlyn and Lane and now in 2016 , we are meeting Reece and Lane's younger sister Emily. Emily has always been the type of girl that flitters around in life, the one with no direction and the one who seems to consider herself a loser as she can never finish what she starts as she gets bored and loses interest. One night Emily, trying to drink her life and pain aways ends up hooking up with a drummer and since Emily has had too much to drink and the drummer seems relatively sober - he takes her keys. Of course, as we know drink driving is a NO-NO and they end up crashing into a tree. Emily is stuck in the burning car when Reece drives up on his motorcycle and pulls Emily out of the fire and saves her life. A few months pass and Emily is at work in the coffee shop and spots her usual customer who she has nicknamed J.Crew. Turns out J.Crew is in fact Reece - the guy who saved her and a guy who has her own demons as he suffers from PTSD which happened after coming back from the war and losing the ones he loved. On a whim, the pair go out on a fake date but as the book goes along, the pair can't seem to stop thinking about one another and though they are both filled with demons of their own - they have this umming and aahing and back and forth going on with their emotions throughout the book. Are they the perfect couple to complement one another and help each other through their battles or are they both as damaged as one another and will only pull each other down further ? 
Find out in this angsty New Adult read by Cole Gibsen , an amazing author whom herself as achieved wonders and overcome a lot herself .

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