Wednesday, July 6, 2016

VBT# Tell Me A Story - Episode #1 - Tamara Lush

Tell Me a Story - The Story Series: EPISODE ONE 

Review: Tell Me A Story - #Episode One - Tamara Lush - February 2016

The Story Series is a collection of novellas and told in Episodes . Book #1 aka Episode #1 is called Tell Me A Story and sets the scene for the books. In Book #1 we meet best friends since college Emma and Sarah. Emma is busy running her own bookstore while her best friend Sarah helps out while she is busy studying for her Library Science degree. One of the many events that Emma's bookstore runs is called The Story Brothel, where like a whorehouse - the girls are paid to perform sexual acts , in The Story Brothel they are being paid to read their books. One of Emma's patrons happens to be Caleb who is billionaire real estate mogul and his sister turns out to be wooed by Sarah. In the first book, we learn that Caleb's first wife died and he hasn't dated much and neither has Emma and the pair connect and start a relationship. What will happen though when Emma discovers that the same company who are wanting to tear down the block of shops that includes her bookstore and that she has been furiously trying to fundraise and save belongs to her new boyfriend Caleb ? Was Caleb using Emma to get closer to the store and people in the community or did he really care about her and is it just one big coincidence ? Also brewing in the background is a relationship for Sarah with Caleb's younger sister .
Have Emma and Sarah finally met their matches or is it to good to be true ?
Find out in Episode #1 - Tell Me A Story by Tamara Lush.

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  1. I loved your review of my book! Thank you so much for featuring it! xoxo


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