Friday, July 1, 2016

VBT# Welcome to Sortilege Falls - Libby Heily

Welcome To Sortilege Falls (Grape Merriweather, Book 1)

Review: Welcome to Sortilege Falls - Book #1 Grape Merriweather Series - Libby Heily - May 2016

Have you ever had to write a review on a book that you just couldn't wrap your head around? That's how I found Welcome to Sortilege Falls which should have read with a tagline under it to say if you aren't a model , then you are like a piece of gum on the sidewalk. You are not important and are frowned upon. In this book Grape's family moved to the small-town of Sortilege Falls, though this place isn't like any small-town where Grape has lived before in fact this small-town is known for its beautiful teens that are Models. The whole town seems to be affected by their looks and it is almost like "normals" become so mesmerized, that the beautiful can hypnotize others. Grape discovers she is not as affected by the models impact as others and becomes friends with one of the nicer ones. Soon though the Models all start getting either sick and eventually dying off. What has caused this to happen and it seems that the only one who has any guts and ideas on how to solve this issue is Grape and her little brother Brad who has a plant fetish - he's obsessed with nature. What will happen though when it is discovered that the only way for the cure to work is an eye for an eye type justice system? Will Grape be able to live with the consequences of her actions or is it too much of a risk to take? I personally found this book quite a struggle to read and hard to connect to as it wasn't written like a busy novel but it felt overly busy and the characters were quite difficult to connect to as their egos seemed even too big for the story. I did find the ending though sad and it made my heart break. I am curious to see how Libby continues the story as I am hoping with the way that Welcome to Sortilege Falls finished, there will be a book #2.

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