Lindsey Reviews: Super Me - Jessica Dazzo

Super Me

Super Me
Jessica Dazzo
Kindle Edition

Super Me is a paranormal young adult novel.  The protagonist in the book is Faye Adlright.  Faye is 17 and lives with her mum Brooke.  Faye is a misfit in her life: both at school and at home with her mum blaming Faye for her lot in life, as she got pregnant at a young age and considers Faye a hinderance.  When Faye starts experiencing weird hallucinations and visions and hearing strange things, she thinks she is losing her mind.  Added to this, she finds herself becoming attracted to Lucan, the new boy in school although this has ramifications, as she alienates her best friend Brianna and also attracts the wrath of Emily, another newbie to her high school, as they too have crushes on him.  With the school dance coming up, Brianna begs Faye to attend with her.  But on the night of the school dance, no one is prepared for the outcome which follows.  Although Faye is “done with drama” as she likes to say, as the evening enfolds, the events which materialise snowball spectacularly and although far from comfortable in using her new powers, Faye finds she needs to rely on them as it is literally becomes a fight for life and death.

What to say about this book?  Like the main character Faye, it was very quirky.  It had plenty of twists and turns in the narrative and the plotline kept the reader guessing with a very unexpected but extremely exciting ending.  I loved the way the author portrayed Faye – her treatment at high school was very empathetically done and I think that a lot of teenagers especially would identify with her plight.  The other characters were also realistically drawn – I thought the author really captured the tension between Faye and her Mum Brooke, and was reflective of the way that conflict between parents and children can manifest during the difficult teenage years.  I must admit that my opinion of Brooke was rather odious to begin with, although I warmed towards her at the story’s conclusion. 
A very different but engaging read with a highly unusual storyline: this was a very unique book.


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