Review: The Foxe and the Hound - R.S Grey

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The Foxe & the Hound

Review: The Foxe and the Hound - R.S Grey - June 2017
I had been in two minds when I started this book as I do like R.S Grey and hadn't read one in a while and I was scrolling through my Ipad looking for something to read. I started it and was enjoying it, but halfway through the characters started to annoy me so much. In this book, we have Maddy Thatcher aka Madeline who works in real estate and is in her twenties and is a dog version of a cat lady. She also happens to be such an awkward character, at times I just wanted to shake her. In the book, they have put her in real estate, yet she doesn't scream like a salesperson. The male lead is Adam Foxe, a new vet who has moved to town to escape of course a horrible relationship. The pair meet when Maddy's dog bowls Adam over. Then later, when she takes him to visit the Vet. Then at her brother's house for dinner. Wherever Maddy goes, Adam is there either in person or being talked about. When her job is on the line, she is desperate and when Adam needs a fake date - they come to a proposition - be his fake date, and she can sell him a house. The pair does this and of course, like most romance stories - the lines start to blur. I usually don't mind it, but in this case - the character of Maddy is so freaking dense - it's like HELLO, he likes you - wake up and smell the coffee. Adam, on the other hand, needs to grow some balls and tell her how he feels and stops playing with her emotions with this - I like you, but I can't move on to a real relationship as I just broke up with Olivia and blah blah blah. Be a man Adam and be with the one you love and then when Olivia does come back, she introduces herself as Adam's fiancee, and he doesn't correct her, and of course, it's right in front of Maddy.  Puh-lease Adam - BE A MAN.  If you are looking for a fun romantic comedy, then, of course, R.S Grey hits the spot but wanted something where the characters don't annoy the heck out of you, then be wary when reading The Foxe and the Hound.


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