Review: The Law of Tall Girls - Joanne McGregor

The Law of Tall Girls

Review: The Law of Tall Girls - Joanne McGregor - September 2017
Ever looked at the tall guys - you know the ones that are over 6ft tall and then looked at the females they are with? Be completely honest, how many of those tall guys have short girls as their partners? I know quite a few and the women must be at least a foot shorter, it has never really made sense to me, but it always looks weird and strange. This book takes a look at the theory as I know it's true as my sister is 4 ft 11 and her partner is over 6ft tall. I have always thought its crazy, for me, I am 5ft 2, and my partner is about 5ft 9, and that's tall enough for me without us looking crazy. Peyton has this law that Tall Girls should be with guys that are over 6ft tall as they are within their right and Short people should be with either short or average guys. You see there is always lots of average height guys to go around but still a minority of tall guys, and it's not fair if the tall guys are being snapped up by the little folk. When a new guy Jay comes to town and fits Peyton's criteria and not to mention he is hot stuff, one of her workmates decides to place a bet that Peyton can't get a tall guy to take her to the prom? The bet's on, now that Peyton has accepted the challenge - there are only six tall guys that meet the requirements needed to win the bet. Can Peyton get one of them to take her to the prom? What happens though when she starts to fall in love with one of them, and he discovers the bet? This is like one of those gender-reversed bet stories as usually, it's the guy that takes on the bet - not the female. Will Peyton finally get her HEA or will Jay feel betrayed by the Bet and Peyton not only lose the bet but her one chance at Tall Girl happiness?


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