Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Review: Rock F*ck Club - Book #3 - Michelle Mankin

Rock F*ck Club (Rock F*ck Club, #3)

Review: Rock F*ck Club -  Book #3 - Michelle Mankin - September 2018
At the end of Book #2, we were left with an OMG Cliffhanger as Sky stepped out with none other than Ivan Carl. The guy who broke up with Raven and started her little rant which led to the creation of RFC. In reality, she should be thanking him as if it wasn't for him; she would never have fallen in love with Lucky. Of course, it's not a perfect world, and she hates Ivan and sees him as a manipulative bastard. As Raven has moved on from RFC, Marsha is given the opportunity. The thing is though that Marsha isn't gentle like Raven, she is kinkier and uses sex to forget. She's a whole different kettle of fish. Ivan plays a massive part in this story as we learn more about his past and also his relationships with both Raven and Marsha. Raven only learns about Marsha which sets off a ripple effect and leaves Marsha not only abandoned by Raven but on the outs of all her newfound friends as they take Raven's side. I never really liked Marsha's character in the earlier books, but after reading Book #3 - you could resonate on why Marsha is who she is. I did also like that we got to see a gentler side of Ivan too and not just the jerk he was painted out to be. I did hate Ivan's friend Ty though as it's like - back off, let Marsha and Ivan have their happiness. I am now hoping that we do get a book of Sky getting Rocky though :) "hint, hint- Michelle. RFC #3 was another fantastic rockstar novel by Michelle Mankin.

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