VBT# Dating The Prince - Alina Snow

Dating The Prince (What If, #1)

Review: Dating The Prince - Book #1 What If Series ? - Alina Snow - May 2018
Katie O'Connor is trying to make it in LA as an actress, so far though all she has had is a couple of extra roles and a permanent position as a Lucky Briefcase Holder Model on a game show. Think Deal or No Deal. One day, she finds herself running late and bumps into a handsome British guy. She knows he's familiar, but thinks he is an actor she has seen around the lot. Turns out though that Alex is, in fact, a British Prince who was at the studio helping film a documentary about his mother who passed away when he was younger. This story felt a bit similar to the whole Prince Harry situation, but in my head, Prince Alex was hotter than Harry as he doesn't do it for me. When I was younger, I was more a Prince William circa 2000. As like Meghan - Katie is an American actress and like Alex - he is a British prince whose mother died when he was younger. Alex wants to get away from the royal life and concocts a plan which somehow he gets Katie on board with. She is going to take him to her small hometown where he will pretend he is her boyfriend and at the same time help her dad win back his position as the town sheriff.  Can Katie and Alex - practically two strangers from two different worlds, pull off the most significant acting roles in their lives? Will this role though start to blur as they both begin to fall for one another? Can Katie fit into Alex's world as a part of the royal family or will an American actress be frowned upon in the eyes of the British monarchy?


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