Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Review: A Kiss is Just a Kiss - Melinda Curtis ( Magnolias and Moonshine)

A Kiss is Just a Kiss (Summer Bridesmaids #1; Magnolias and Moonshine #17)

Review: A Kiss is Just a Kiss - Book #1 The Summer Bridesmaid Series - Melinda Curtis - April 2017
Was scrolling through my Ipad the other day and trying to clear some of my older books and came across several in the Magnolia and Moonshine series which I had still to read, and it's been a while since I read one as well.  In A Kiss is Just a Kiss, we meet Kitty who is the oldest of the Summer Sisters. After their mother left, as the eldest Kitty became the mothering type and the responsible one to her sisters and she always looked out for them. That was until she got older and her life and career took her away from her family. Now she is back as her sister Maggie's bridesmaid. Her sister is getting married to Beck - but Kitty knows deep down he isn't right for Maggie and so, she plans to show them just how wrong he is and ends up kissing him in front of everybody. The plan backfires, and Kitty and Beck along with Granny are left in Florida while everyone else has checked out of the hotel. Now the three of them must get to the island so that Beck can fix things with Maggie and Kitty can sort out her relationship with her sister. However, as their trip progresses, we start to realize that Beck wasn't right for Maggie, but he may be Kitty's, Mr. Right. Can Kitty get not only her HEA but also smooth things out with her family? Find out in Melinda Curtis's "A Kiss is Just A Kiss" until it isn't.

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