Sunday, August 19, 2018

Review: Cursed - Skylar McKinzie

Cursed: A Paranormal Fantasy (Born of the Blood Book 1)

Review: Cursed - Book #1 Born of the Blood Series - Skylar McKinzie - April 2018

This book had me at the fact it was witches and that it featured identical triplets. I had previously read her book Willow Woods and enjoyed it.  Cursed first introduces us to three sisters who have been betrayed by the ones they loved and burnt on the stake in Salem and accused of being witches, which of course they were, but they still didn't deserve to be treated this way. A curse was then put on the town and the people in it, Some turned into Vampires, and others wolves and the witches were reincarnated every 25 years, and a cycle would happen every time until a resolution was found. The other thing was the witches memory would be wiped every reincarnation, and they would have to come to everything on their own.  The witches this time are Stormy, Skye and Savannah Davidson and Halloween and their 25th birthdays are coming up, and strange things are happening in their town. What happens when they discover the truth but this time the ante has changed as there are darker forces at play, much stronger and dangerous than they have ever fought before. Can the new and old reunite and work together to find out who wants this town buried once and for all? Cursed also ends on a cliffhanger which I was like nooooooo as I was getting really into it and I want to know who the Alpha was and who betrayed them. I have a little idea but not 100% sure.  If you love curses, Salem witch trials, and small towns then check out Book #1 in the Born of the Blood series by Skylar McKinzie today.

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