Review: Dropout - Bad Boy Homecoming - Carrie Ann Ryan

Dropout (Montgomery Ink, #7.3; Bad Boy Homecoming, #1)

Review: Dropout : Bad Boy Homecoming Series - Carrie Ann Ryan - June 2017
Grayson Cleary has worked for everything in his life, and now it's his ten-year reunion of high school. Everyone believes he didn't graduate and he dropped out, but little does everyone know he did and he achieved more than most people with his bad situation at home. When he was in high school, he had a crush on Kate St. Dalton - the high school valedictorian and the most popular girl in the high school. The other thing is that Kate wasn't a mean girl, she was the type to say Hi, to everyone. She was one of those "nice" popular girls.  Kate's life didn't go as planned as she ended up marrying the school jock and had two children and then he divorced her and left her to raise her children alone. She also dropped out of college to become a full-time mum. Now she works as a receptionist for a dental clinic, and her boss happens to be Anton who was salutatorian - second in the class. When she spots Grayson, they have chemistry and decide to give things a go. After a fantastic week of passion and chemistry, will things go any further or was this just a reunion fling? I loved this series as you could see that Grayson did genuinely care for Kate and he had this genuinely nice character persona about him. He didn't care about what people thought of him even though they didn't know the truth but he loved Kate in and out. If you love second chance romances and high school reunions, then you will enjoy the Bad Boy Homecoming Series.



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