Tuesday, August 21, 2018

VBT# Better Together - Crista McHugh

Better Together (One Fond Embrace, #1)

Review: Better Together - Book #1 One Fond Embracce - Crista McHugh - August 2018

For the past seven months since his brother's death, Alex has been working hard to bring his family's ranch back to scratch and has an opportunity to try something new and different. He wants to breed some new brand of  cows with his, the only downside is that the guy he wants to buy them off is a family man and wants to meet Alex and his wife before he sells, making sure that the family values are also strong with Alex. Alex's friends joke that he needs a fake wife, not knowing that he has in fact almost been married for one year. After a whirlwind romance Alex and Britney got married in Las Vegas and then a week later Britney disappeared, and he received divorce papers, which he has never signed.  Britney now has transformed her life and is living as Shelby Morris - an upcoming singer in Nashville. If she agrees to Alex's proposal, he promises to sign divorce papers and then she will be free. As the pair spend the time together though, they both realize that their flame has not sizzled and this may be their chance for a renewed second romance. Better Together was an excellent sweet romance read. Better Together is a read that is also very strong with Hawaiian culture and language sprinkled throughout the pages.

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