Saturday, August 18, 2018

VBT# Review: Dirty, Reckless, Love - Lexi Ryan

Dirty, Reckless Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor, #3)

Review: Dirty, Reckless, Love - Book #3 The Boys of Jackson Harbor Series - Lexi Ryan - August 2018I have to admit at first I thought that this book was going to be a side story of the Jackson Family but turned out to be the love story of Levi Jackson and Ellie. Levi fell in love with Ellie, the same night his best friend and crime partner Colton McKinley did. Colton got there first and Ellie helped Colton to try and become a better man, Levi stood by as a man of integrity but let Ellie know for certain his feelings for her. Then tragedy occurred and Ellie ended up clinging for her life and the McKinley men - Colton and his father Nelson have vanished. The police and Ellie's family are trying to pinpoint her assault on Colton but once Ellie starts to regain her memory - she knows in her heart that Colton couldn't have done this, but who could ? I have to admit when the real culprit was revealed , I did not see that twist coming and was shocked as the person wasn't even on my radar of suspects. I did like how this book incorporated Ellie's past and showed us that like Colton she wasn't this innocent real estate agent but someone with a dark past and secrets. The other thing I enjoyed was that Levi was always there in the background and never took advantage of Ellie's condition - he waited until she was ready to go further. I did like the ending of this book and OMG when the truth about Molly's son was revealed - I knew it - I had an inkling at the end of the second book that this was the case.  Dirty, Reckless, Love by Lexi Ryan was another awesome read and hopefully the next Jackson Brother to find love will be Brayden with possibly Molly as this book hinted something could be brewing between the two of them and it's not just the beer. Unlike the previous two books, this one also holds quite a strong romantic suspense thread.

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