Sunday, August 26, 2018

Review: Back to Black - Katerina Winters

Back to Black: A captive ménage romance

Review: Back to Black - Katerina Winters - September 2018
Everly has escaped a life in a cult, and now she has been abducted by two gorgeous brothers who want her as their own. The thing is though that these two guys though they have captured her and forced her to be theirs, due to her upbringing she is open to the idea. In Back to Black, we read as Everly is pregnant- not sure to which brother though. The two brothers Reid and Zane are busy trying to outwit the other as they both want her to love the other more. Can they work together in harmony or will Everly threaten to leave them? This was a quick read, and I have to admit at moments - I was a little unsure how her relationship was with the brothers, but it seemed to work. I did love the kiwi reference in there of Xena the Warrior Princess as being from New Zealand myself this made me smile. For those who don't know Xena was filmed in New Zealand. I also loved the epilogue with her father involved. This made me smile as it showed deep down he did weirdly care for his daughter.  For those wanting a quick read, check out Back to Black by Katerina Winters.

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