Review: Betray Me - Selena

Betray Me (Willow Heights Prep Academy: The Elite Book 2)

Review: Betray Me - Book #2 Willow Height Prep Series - Selena - April 2020

The first book in this series ended on a major cliffhanger and I couldn't wait to read Book #2. I also have to admit this is one of the better Bully romances I have read and the content in this book is aimed at the 18+ audience and can be quite intense. If you thought Romeo and Juliet's families were warring with each other, the Dolces and Darlings take it up a whole major notch. At the beginning of this book, Crystal's twin brother Royal is missing and Crystal's alibi covers one of the Darling brothers - Devlin. The Darlings have now pushed the game too far by kidnapping one of the Dolces. The thing though that Crystal is finding difficult is that her body and emotions are betraying her as she finds herself in this love/hate relationship behind closed doors with Devlin Darling. In Betray Me, we learn more about the rivalry between the Dolces and the Darlings and it looks like things are about to get cray-cray up in the town of Faulkner as more Dolces and Darlings come out from the woodwork as the Dolces hunt for Royal and plan a payback scenario. I have to admit what I am loving about this series is that no matter how far Crystal is pushed especially with Preston Darling's sadistic side coming through in this book and being treated like a dog, she doesn't back down and no matter how much they try to break her despite feeling broken inside, she does her best not to show them any weakness.  I am now looking forward to reading Book #3 in the Willow Heights Prep Series.


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