Review: Captured - Jennifer Chance

Captured (Gowns & Crowns #2)

Review: Captured - Book #2 Gowns and Crowns Series - Jennifer Chance - January 2016
I enjoyed Emmaline's story about how she ended up with the prince. Book #2 features her friend Lauren - the American Princess. I have to admit I had high hopes as I enjoyed the first book, but I just couldn't connect with the main characters as Lauren is spoiled and guarded, which I could see why as we learn later in the book but she just frustrated me as it's like freaking hell, Lauren it's alright to show some love and compassion and stop being a snobby cow. Then we have Dmitri the bodyguard as our male lead and I wanted to whack him around the head and say wake up, look she cares about you and you like her so stop being a jerk and accept the reality in front of you instead of thinking that you are more important to be a bodyguard as he kept freaking exerting his Army rank. It was like nobody cares, just do what you are told. While stuck on the island and getting prepared for Emmaline's upcoming nuptials to Prince Kristoff, the royal family is having a ball and coming is Lauren's parents and Henry Smithison. Henry is a pervert and reminded me of a Mr. Elton type character - I wanted to strangle him. Henry is a good friend of Lauren's family and when she was little, he played the role of a dutiful Uncle but once she turned 18 - he wanted to marry her and started sending her gifts to keep her under his thumb. He is a sadistic alpha who wants what's his and that's Lauren. The thing is though that Lauren doesn't want to marry Henry and wishes she could finally be free.  With Lauren and Henry now on the same small island, Dmitri will do anything he can do to save Lauren from Henry's clutches and along the way their mutual frenemy hate for one another will start to fade and in its place will be fiery passion and chemistry. However, will the American Princess be able to live happily with the Bodyguard from Garronia or will she be the dutiful daughter in the end and be thrust into an arranged marriage she never wanted with Henry? Find out in Book #2 Captured by Jennifer Chance.


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