Tuesday, April 14, 2020

VBT# Review: Been There, Done That - Hope Ellis

Been There Done That (Leffersbee, #1)

Review: Been There, Done That - Book #1 The Leffersbee Series - Hope Ellis - March 2020
The second round of Smartypants Romance novels includes the start of a new series called "The Leffersbee Series' and the introduction to a new author Hope Ellis. The Leffersbee Series first book starts with the introduction of Nick Armstrong and Zora Leffersbee. The book starts with Nick getting into trouble after attacking the Iron Wraiths motorbikes and he is in hospital, it sounded like his mother was too. During his hospital visit, we have the Senior Sheriff Jackson James and the Mum and Dad Leffersbee. To save his family and of course the ones he loves, Nick manages with the help of The Leffersbee to get his mother Lila Rossi and him out of Green Valley.  Zora doesn't realize and years pass and her heart is broken. Twelve years later, Nick Rossi is back in Green Valley and owns a successful electronics company that focuses on the medical side of things. He visits the local university as he knows that Zora is now a Doctor at the university and in the department he needs. Now Nick is back, he is going to have to work hard to win back Zora's love.  He does have some obstacles in his way though as he has Leigh - Zora's best friend who hates Nick due to the way her best friend hurt as Leigh was the shoulder that Zora cried on multiple times and Zora is already dating somebody - Jackson James Junior. This was the same Jackson who was Ashley Winston's ex and whom she dumped for Drew Runos. The other thing that I loved about this series was the memories of Bethany Winston - the matriarch of the Winston Family as I too felt so sad when she died. If you love second-chance romance series and wanting to discover a new author, check out Been There, Done That by Hope Ellis.

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