Friday, April 24, 2020

VBT# Don't Go Stealing My Heart - Kelly Siskind ( Part 2/2)

Don't Go Stealing My Heart

Review: Don't Go Stealing My Heart - Kelly Siskind - April 2020

This book isn't something that I would normally read but I was captivated by the fact that it contained an art heist and con artists and the main character Clementine seemed like a quirky character. Clementine was raised in foster care until she was 14 years after her parents died by Lucian. He reminded me of a Fagan type character from Oliver Twist and Clementine the Oliver Twist character. Clementine's latest target is Maxwell David and she has been tasked to steal his Van Gogh painting. The comedy aspect starts pretty early in the novel as the town is called WhichWay and we have Whatnot and Whynot etc. On Clementine's way to the town, she meets a stranger on the side of the road and they hit it off with a banter. Next few days it turns out that the guy that Clementine met happens to be her target and now Clementine must play everything by ear.  Don't Go Stealing My Heart has Clementine falling in love with Maxwell who is just as awkward as she is and I loved the fact that they both owned bearded dragons named after I Love Lucy Characters. Overall the main characters in this book were my type of characters as they were kick-arse especially Clementine but a bit quirky. What happens though when Clementine starts to fall in love with her mark and then when she tries to stop the job, she is faced with her arch-enemy and learns that not all is what it seems. If you are looking for a quirky romantic comedy with a bit of adventure and action then check out Kelly Siskind's latest read - Don't Go Stealing My Heart.

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