Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Review : Legacy - CJ Daugherty

Legacy (Night School, #2)

Review: Legacy - Book #2 Night School - C.J Daugherty - January 2013
Recently, I was talking about my Top Ten Tuesday of books I have had on my Kindle for ages and keep meaning to read and so today with that post on my mind I decided to read Legacy - Book #2 of the Night School Series. In Legacy, Allie had returned home for the break after the incident where her brother Christopher burned down the school and then their friend Gabe killed one of their other friends Ruth. Just before Allie is due back to school, she is almost accosted by four guys in suits. Seeing the guys she remembers Isabelle's - the headmistress's warning and runs. She then is saved by Mr. Patel who is Rachel's dad and spends her remaining break time with Rachel's family. The girls along with their closest friends return to the school before school starts to help fix some of the damage caused by the fire.  During this time, Isabelle gives Allie some news about her family and the truth of who her Grandmother is - this surprises Allie as she never realized that her mother came from wealth and that her Grandmother is one of the most powerful women of the world. We later find out that the reason Allie was targeted is because of her grandmother as a way to smoke her out. Nathaniel wants the power from Lucille Meldrum- Allie's Grandmother.  Legacy is an action-packed novel whereas you read it will be difficult for Allie to figure out who to trust and who is betraying the school as there is an inside mole for Nathaniel.  I have to admit some of the characters in this book I liked e.g Zoe Glass was one of my favorites and others like Carter - freaking annoyed me as seriously you do not own Allie and can't dictate her life, family and friendships.  Anyway, if you love UK Boarding School novels and Adventure/Spy stories then check out The Night School series by C.J Daugherty today.

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