Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Review: Sway - M.F Lorson

Sway (Shelfbrooke Academy, #3)

Review: Sway - Book #3 Shelfbrooke Academy Series - M.F Lorson - July 2019
As readers know during this quarantine period, I have been trying my hardest to clear my kindle of old books rather than reading 2020 releases all the time. I was in the mood for a YA last night and a high school romance. One of my favorite series is the Shelfbrooke Academy. Each book is based on a classic story/play. Book #3 Sway is based on the Jane Austen classic Persuasion with Anne Elliot and Wentworth. In the real story of Persuasion, Anne and Captain Wentworth get engaged only to be split and not see each other for seven years. After being reunited, Anne tries to win back Wentworth's heart and hand in marriage.  As Shelfbrooke Academy is a YA and set more in the modern world of teens and dating. Our book starts one summer where Anne Elliot and her family have moved to Boston to live with her Aunt after her mother's death. During this time, she explores Boston and the islands surrounding it by catching the ferry daily. One day whilst running late for the ferry, she meets Christopher Wentworth. The pair end up having a whirlwind summer romance. It all ends in a Dear John letter as Anne has just started her schooling at Shelfbrooke Academy when her roommate encourages her strongly to break up with Chris as no Shelfbrooke Academy student should be dating a "public school" student. Anne does this and doesn't hear back from Chris and moves on with her life making a bad dating mistake with Will. Unlike the original copy of Persuasion, our reunion happens three years later when Chris and his sister Ashley arrive at Shelfbrooke Academy. Chris has become quite the Lacrosse player and even more handsome than he was three years ago. Anne is about to discover though that Chris is still angry at what she did to him years ago. Can Anne win back Chris's affections or will it be too late when another student Lydia shows an interest in Chris and him in her?
Find out in this YA read "Sway" by M.F Lorson today.

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