Review: Embellished to Death - Christina Freeburn

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Embellished to Death (Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery, #3)

Review: Embellished to Death - Book #3 Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery - Christina Freeburn - September 2014
During this quarantine period, I have decided to try and clear my kindle of older books as to why not a better time than now when we are in lockdown and can't leave the house. The perfect time for a bookworm like myself. Embellished to Death is one of those cozy mysteries from Henery Press. This book introduces us to Faith Hunter who is one of the workers of Scrap This - a scrapbooking shop in their smalltown of Eden. Faith Hunter is working on trying to be a better person and keep out of trouble as she has a good relationship with Steve but she is keeping her past a secret from Steve as she thinks if he was to find out, he would leave her. On the way to the scrapbooking convention, Faith is checked up from her friend police officer Ted as a car has been found on the side of the road and her information is in the car. It turns out the car belongs to one of the main organizers of the Scrapbooking convention Marsha Smith. This is the first of many incidents and though everything did match up in the end, I found the book quite busy with all it's different twists and turns. At the convention, Faith is about to have the ride of a lifetime with trying to help keep the convention afloat and hunt down an identity theft and a nasty PI who has it out for Faith. In Embellished to Death, we get a bit more of a clearer idea of what happened in Faith's past when she was in the military and married to Adam. I have to admit I did not see the Steve twist coming in the end, that was surprising. If you love scrapbooking and cozy mysteries, then Christina Freeburn's Faith Hunter Scrap This series is the perfect read for you and another great addition to the Henery Press publishing family.


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