Review: Gianna - Jennifer Hanks


Review: Gianna - Book #3 The DiMarco Series - Jennifer Hanks - July 2017
At the end of Book #2, we read as Gianna walked up to Kasey and Jax door and knocked on it and assumed that Jackson DiMarco was the father of her daughter. Kasey confronted Jax and we later found out the truth. Gianna did have a one night stand with a DiMarco brother but not Jax - she had one with Brody. This took a twist for me as I had assumed with the smoldering looks and awkwardness that maybe Leah- the receptionist at the Security business and Brody would end up together. I have to admit I hated the character of Jax in this book as right through the book, he had this stubborn pride thing going on and he was a freaking jerk to Kasey - it's like what was she supposed to think as the baby was a DiMarco grandchild and Gianna did have Jackson's name not Brody's as the father. I did like Brody's character though as he had his demons from the war and has been one of the more solemn silent brothers in this book you could see the passion rising from the pages and how much he cared for both Gianna and daughter Lexie. I also really hated Julie - which is Jake's wife and Braydon's mother and was glad that she is finally out of the picture hopefully - good riddance. It also seems to be a pattern for the DiMarco brothers that the girls they pick are not only damaged souls but strong survivors. Like Lucy and Sydney, Gianna has had to survive on her own and overcome obstacles after her parents died. Unfortunately, she was naive and now she is trying to escape Kevin who is in the industry as he has made threats - either she does what he wants or he will come after Lexie. In his words - either one will do the task he wants. Now that Gianna is with a DiMarco, she is about to learn that she is never alone and that she will always have an army of brothers/best friends and extended family to protect her and stand by her when she needs any help. I am loving this series and looking forward to reading Book #4 as Gianna ended on an OMG cliffhanger with Luke DiMarco.  If you love family sagas, then you will love The DiMarco series as it also reminds me of a more suspenseful and slightly darker than Piper Rayne's The Baileys.


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