Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Review: The Treble With Men - Piper Sheldon

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The Treble With Men (Scorned Women's Society, #2)

Review: The Treble With Men - Book #2 The Scorned Women's Society - Piper Sheldon - April 2020
One of my favorite publishing companies lately is called Smartypants Romance where the books are all based in Penny Reid's world of Green Valley.  The Treble with Men is Book #2 in the Scorned Women's Society - we first met them in the story My Bare Lady with Suzie Samuels. The SWS is a group made up of Jethro Winston's ex-girlfriends. Kim Dae when she was younger was on her way to success with her music and her Cello. That was until one day at Band camp, one of the girls committed suicide. This started a domino effect that led to drugs and alcohol and hanging around with Jethro Winston. Years later, Kim has changed her name to Christine Day and is playing in the orchestra but she has changed her whole personality and is a shell of herself. The new music director Devlin remembers Kim from band camp when they were younger and always loved her. He is shocked to see what she is like now and during the book, pushes her to be a better Cello player. Devlin, on the other hand, wears a hat and a mask as he doesn't want anyone to know his true identity. During the rest of the book, we read as Devlin and Kim have this sizzling chemistry but the introduction to another guy Changy puts a dent in Devlin's plan. I have to admit this wasn't one of my favorite books in the series as I found the character of Kim quite a weak female and she just frustrated me right through the novel and Changy was a creepy stalkery dude that you can imagine him drugging someone because he wanted them and Devlin - seriously get over your identity, embrace who you are and freaking stand-up for yourself instead of hiding your true identity. The part that I did love was when Kim reunited with Jethro and Baby Winston and she was able to get closure about their relationship and incidents that happened back when she went rebel chick.  If you love Penny Reid's books, then check out the Smartypants Romance reads.

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